Developing a World-Class Culture of Safety

At Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel, we never take safety for granted. Protecting our employees, and everyone we work with, is a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why we make safety a top priority at each stage in our process. In fact, we have an entire culture of safety built on an innovative set of safety principles and processes:

Be Proactive

  • Get in front of an incident
  • Submit good catches to the Good Catch Process

Take the Time to Be Safe

  • Daily safety huddles to plan for the day
  • Time outs during the day to address hazards of a specific task, everyone has authority to call a "time-out"

The Right Mindset

  • We have tool sets, skills sets and mindsets, but a safety mindset is the most important
  • Focus on the positive and learn from the negative – "Plant grass. Don’t pull weeds."

Focus on the Task

  • Eliminate mental clutter and avoid distractions
  • "Be where your feet are!"

Talk Safety

  • What is talked about expands
  • "Lead with safety"

Be Accountable for Yourself and Your Team

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • "If you see it, own it!"

Make Continuous Improvements

  • Make a deliberate effort to fight complacency
  • Never be finished with safety – practice, practice, practice